Welcome Catherine Taylor

Catherine Taylor is a self published, erotic romance author from New Zealand. Her debut novel The Finest Line was published in August 2012 and is the first book of The Line Trilogy. At 93,000 words it is a full length novel with a conclusive ending. Since its release, The Finest Line has achieved much success with a #1 ranking in free Kindle erotica in Amazon US, UK and France. It remains in the Top 100 free erotica in the UK where it has been for six months.

Five Hearts from Sizzling Hot Books Review, who had this to say: “The Finest Line has one of the most twisted story lines I have read in a long time and I mean that in a good way.”

Four Stars from Spanking Romance Reviews who said: “A very well done, fast paced story with adventure, romance, danger, and a few very nice spankings.”

The Finest Line pic

When potential Olympic gymnast, Mairead Kavanagh wakes up in an Australian hospital after a drug and alcohol binge, her ordeal has only begun. The police are waiting to interview her over the death of her friend Joshua Mason who has plunged to his death from the balcony on which she was found.
Frightened and a long way from her home in New Zealand, she has no one to turn to until the arrival of the one man who has intimidated and infatuated her more than any other.

James Vaughn has been her chauffeur and body guard for five years and the only person who has been able to subdue her. An ex soldier of the British Army, James is composed and disciplined, unlike his boss’s daughter who seeks constant excitement which sometimes can prove dangerous.
Forced together until he can get her home, the barriers of their relationship begin to break down. Mairead fears her attraction to him stems from the strange desires that she has fought to suppress.

As their relationship blooms, her happiness is short lived with the arrival of another man who knows a terrible secret about Mairead. Now she must choose between two men, one whom she loves and the other who can destroy her life.

The Finest Line and following books A Line Crossed and A Line Drawn are available on Amazon and Smashswords and most online bookstores. If you would like to know more, please visit Catherine’s website at http://www.catherinetaylor.co.nz or at her Amazon’s author page http://www.amazon.com/Catherine-Taylor/e/B009Q638XA/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_1

An excerpt from The Finest Line:

Remembering how he had sat on her bed, she closed her eyes and imagined him there again, and his hands undoing her robe and tucking the sides away, not her own. When her fingers found her hardened nipples through the silk of her nightie, she gasped at the stirring between her legs.
It had been weeks since she had indulged her desire and even longer since she had employed her favourite fantasy. There were many scenarios that she had created for herself but only one that affected her so powerfully and bothered her the most.

Her mind carried her back five years and she was once again in the backseat of the car with James. She was no longer a spiteful teenager but rather the fully mature woman that she was now. Instead of a gym outfit, she wore a short dress, under which were her white lacy French cut knickers.
His dark eyes were staring into hers, “You’ve been a naughty girl Mairead and I am afraid I’m going to have to punish you.”

Back in the bedroom, Mairead lay back against her pillows and closed her eyes. She opened her legs and her hand wandered down to inside her briefs. Her breathing deepened as she found her swollen clitoris.

James took hold of her and hauled her across his lap. She tried to fight him but one arm was trapped against him and the other was quickly caught in his tight grip and held down at the small of her back. When she tried to kick he responded by placing his leg over hers leaving her totally vulnerable.

Mairead’s breathing grew heavier as she imagined him slowly pulling her dress up and taking his time to tuck it about her waist. He adjusted his knee to raise her bottom so that her knickers were stretched tightly, revealing the lower portions of her cheeks.

Turning slightly on her side, she continued to rub her clitoris and used her other hand to caress one cheek of her buttocks, just as James was doing in her head. She whispered the scolding he was administering just to hear out loud the word that seemed to drive her insane with desire.
“I am going to give you a spanking you will never forget.”

His hand snapped down on her left cheek and then on her right, before caressing her once again. “This is for your own good Mairead.” He repeated the action but this time he didn’t stop.

She tried to imagine how it would feel having never experienced any type of physical punishment. Pain was something she was familiar with from her gruelling workouts of gymnastics. Having had her fair share of falls and accidents, she knew her tolerance was high and one of the reasons that she was so good at what she did. Only when every muscle was aching did she ever feel satisfied that she had worked enough.

James was spanking her harder and faster. She could almost imagine the burning in her cheeks. He only stopped long enough for his fingers to grasp the waistband of her knickers. He tugged them down slowly to her thighs until her bottom was completely exposed.

This was the part of her fantasy that excited her the most and she felt the first contractions of her vagina. James’ total focus would be on her buttocks and even privy to a glimpse of her sex. It scared and excited her that she longed for this type of humiliation and vulnerability.
When the spanking resumed, every inch of her cheeks felt the wrath of his hand. Every few smacks, the tips of his fingers would strike her vagina, causing her to groan just as the powerful spasms were doing.

Soon he confined the punishment to the base of her cheeks where the spanking became harder and faster again until Mairead cried out with her erupting orgasm. For a few minutes euphoria filled her brain and her vagina continued to contract. When her body finally calmed Mairead laughed quietly with pleasure.

“Are you alright Miss Kavanagh?” James was knocking on the door.

“Oh crap!” Mairead had forgotten that he was barely a room away. She had certainly never masturbated with him so close. It made her giggle.

“I’m fine James, just… stubbed my toe.” Mairead laughed into her hand and it felt wonderful. Now she was really hungry. She sprung from her bed donned her robe and grabbed a towel.

James stood in the lounge, dressed in a dark grey suit, immaculate as ever. She took a moment to really look at him and felt sad that she had never realised how very handsome he was.

He frowned at her scrutiny, “Good morning Miss Kavanagh. Would you like me to order your breakfast?”

“No thank you James.” Mairead did a twirl and danced into the bathroom. “I’m having a shower and then you are going to take me out to breakfast.”
She knew he was about to protest but she was too quick into the bathroom and closing a door between them.


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