Exclusive Excerpt by L.L. Brooks and Shannon West

Dead Reckoning, Book One by L.L. Brooks and Shannon West.
Excerpt: r rated erotic, m/m

Dominic caught him by the wrist before he could fist him. “You have to understand, now that I have you here, alone, the intoxicating effects of—”

His words cut off with a gasp when Shawn by-passed his hand, dropped to his knees, and engulfed half of Dominic’s length in his hot, wet mouth. Dominic backed, not in an attempt to get away, but to fall and sit on the side of the bed. He braced himself on his arms while Shawn worked his cock, testing, experimenting, craving every inch of it. He was inept and inexperienced and ignored what Dominic tried to tell him, not wanting to hear. He sucked at the head of Dominic’s cock, loving the velvety soft feel of the head on his tongue. Trying to remember the porn his brothers watched, he mimicked the way the women had licked down the underside of a shaft, then back up, ending with their tongues dipping inside the slit.

When Dominic climaxed, attempting to push him away, Shawn shook his head wildly and held onto Dominic’s thighs, swallowing the thick strong streams hitting the back of his throat. The taste was salty and musky, but not at all unpleasant.

The same sensations Shawn experienced from drinking Dominic’s blood swarmed over him, tenfold. His mind detached, and his body became an entity all its own, in control of all of his actions. He had to have more and crawled up Dominic, forcing him to his back at the same time he ripped open his shirt. Remembering what it had felt like in the basement of the theater, he was desperate to come again at Dominic’s hands. He rubbed against him, their cocks grinding together. He tried to kiss Dominic full on the mouth.

Dominic flipped him onto his back, pinning Shawn beneath him, holding his face between his hands. “Don’t kiss me. Don’t condemn me to a glimmer bonding when you’ll only die and leave me.”

“Fuck me, Nic, please.”

“I can’t! Not without your permission to turn you. Give that to me, darling, please. Give me permission before I lose control of myself and break my vow to never turn anyone without it.”

“Fuck me!”

“You drive me insane.”

Shawn’s body worked with a mind of its own, dry humping while Dominic threw his shoes off and ripped his pants down his legs. He rolled, clawing at Dominic to come back when Dominic drew open a drawer from the bedside table. With need burning, he didn’t want to wait for lube, jerking at Dominic, trying to thrust on his cock to drive it into him. He moaned, first in disappointment and then in pleasure when an oiled finger plunged into him, not a cock.

While his hips thrashed, searching for fulfillment, he still pulled at Dominic. “Nic, please!”

“This will have to satisfy you.”

Another finger joined the first, pumping in and out of him, burning, stretching, sliding in the slick lube, exciting him even more. Hands in fists, Shawn pounded the bed, reared up, and pulled Dominic down to him. Dominic still resisted, turning his head away from Shawn’s abject pleas.

“Okay!” Shawn finally yelled at him. “Okay, damn it, turn me! Turn me then. I have to have you inside me. Do whatever you have to do!”

“Shawn, are you sure? You must be sure.”

“I am! Damn it, for once I’m sure about what and who I want. Please, Dominic! Don’t you push me away too!”

Dominic groaned and pushed Shawn’s knees to his shoulders. A rod of steel pushing into his virgin ass made Shawn yell out in pleasure and pain. Dominic stilled instantly, starting to pull out, but Shawn pulled him back down on top of him. “No, no, it just startled me. Please. I need you, Nic. I need you so much.” Within seconds the velvet heat of Nic’s cock moved deeper, searing its way into him. He screamed again when Dominic’s fangs sank into his throat. Shawn yelled as pleasure so sharp and clear it was almost agony pierced through him. Nic’s teeth sunk deeply inside his neck, sharp sucking motions rocking his very being. It was so exquisite, passionate, and intimate all at once he didn’t think he could stand it. He arched his back as the need to climax overcame him. The pulsing of his seed landed between their thrashing bodies. Then Nic was licking the wound with his long, hot tongue, and the heat began to soar inside him again, filling his cock as he strained toward his lover. The inner fire flared higher than ever, and Shawn threw back his head and screamed.


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