Cranking up the Heat with Em Petrova–erotic romance author

Welcome to Em Petrova, erotic romance’s author of hardworking heroes in the bedroom and out! She has a new book release today, and IT’S FREE! SQUEE! *Fans self.* Okay, I’ll hand it over to Em now.

A big hello to my readers and friends. I’m so happy to talk about my latest release with Loose Id, DALLAS NIGHTS.

 photo EP_DallasNights_coverlg_zps52d3649d.jpg

For a limited time the hunky and brooding cowboy will be free! Also, Outlaws of Love (book 1 of the Hollis Boys), my sexy menage, is on sale–$2 off! Check it out here:

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Hardworking heroes and I go way back. All of my heroes like to work with their hands, from rescuing victims of a fire to chopping down trees to roping cattle. Dallas is no different. He’s a rough and tumble cowboy with a ranch of his own. But he’s missing one thing–the girl who got away. Early in their relationship, Ellie was young and stupid, cutting Dallas deep.

Now she’s back in town and happens to be on his property, her truck stuck in the mud down by the pond where she’s given him her virginity. Oh, how will this strong, tough man get her truck out without ravaging her? Guess you’ll have to download it and see!

Please share the link with your friends, as the download is only free for 1 week. Read on for an excerpt of DALLAS NIGHTS. One lucky commenter will win an AUTHOR SWAG goody bag. Let’s hear you shout it out!


“Get on.” His voice was gritty and strained, unrecognizable even to him. She probably didn’t know who he was. Riding away seemed like the best plan, but he couldn’t leave her out here alone.

She twisted her hands before her, frozen in the glare of his headlight. Then she started walking again.

Grinding his teeth, he watched her ass sway away from him. Her flip-flops slipped on the dew, and she caught herself before she fell. Dallas let her get twenty steps away—fifty. Good riddance. Though the apocalypse of heartache had given him the grit he needed to do his job, his heart couldn’t survive another ending like the one he’d suffered six years ago.

She slipped again and put a hand down to the wet grass to keep from falling on her pretty little face.

“Damn.” He pressed the gas and rolled forward to her side.

She turned as he approached, and blinked into the darkness, probably unable to recognize him behind the glaring headlight. “There’s a house ahead. I’ll make it, thank you very much.”

He raised a brow at her sassy tone. “That so? What if I told you there’s no one at the house, and it will take you forty minutes to walk there with you tripping every few feet?”

Was that a low groan he heard from her?

“Get on,” he said again.

As if realizing she had little choice, she moved toward the ATV. When she threw one leg over the seat and clamped her thighs around his hips, he ground his teeth against arousal.

Jesus, she’d been his everything. Summer heat. Sweet grasses under their rolling bodies. He’d taken her virginity on her eighteenth birthday, and fuck if he couldn’t remember the way her tight sheath had gripped his fingers, then his cock.

As soon as she was situated, he zoomed off into the night. She leaned in and drew a deep breath next to his shoulder. The hair on his nape lifted, and he fought the urge to pivot his head and stare into her eyes as he’d done so many years before.

Except she’d riveted him then.

Now he was different—older, harder. He no longer believed in happily ever after or soul mates. The minute he’d witnessed Nathan Rafferty sinking into her body, Dallas had abandoned that childish notion.

She didn’t speak, and he didn’t bother to make small talk or to patch things up. He drove them flat-out across the open field toward the thin light on his front porch. When he drew up before the ranch, she released a puff of breath. The warmth washed over his neck, and his cock throbbed.

Ellie-girl, this coulda been yours.

Thanks for reading.
Em Petrova
~hardworking heroes–in bed and out~


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